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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vanna's Favorite: The Aquamarine Creation

Vanna K has designed a lot of beautiful jewelry over the years. We have several favorites, but wanted to know if the designer had her own personal favorite. We were delighted to see Vanna's favorite and to learn the story behind this beautiful aquamarine creation.

Aquamarine gemstones are beautiful and rich with romance and legend. The name itself is derived from the Latin words "Sea" and "water". According to legend, aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and had the power to keep sailors safe at sea. It's also said to have soothing powers and romantic qualities that can help couples smooth out any quarrels, enhance creativity and protect them from life's oppositions. Whether you believe in legends or not, the truth is they are a unique stone in that they are both beautiful and serene. A variety of the mineral beryl, like the emerald, aquamarine is found in many exotic places around the world, including Afghanistan, Angola, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. But most of the gemstones available in the market today come from Brazil. This particular gemstone used as the centerpiece of Vanna's ring was found a little closer to home...

Thirty years ago, Vanna's dad (founder of SA Kitsinian) acquired this beautiful 16 ct aquamarine gemstone from the famous Tucson Gem Fair. Since that time, he designed many beautiful pieces, but held this stone back for something truly special. That something special has finally been created by Vanna and we think it was definitely worth the wait! Set in 18k white & yellow gold, with 2.30 carats of Diamonds & 1.60 carats of Pink Sapphires, this ring is truly something to be admired. The whole family feels Vanna has captured the right emotion in the gorgeous setting for this ring. We asked Vanna what she used for inspiration in creating such a timeless beauty.

"The design inspiration for this ring comes from the beauty found nowhere else in the world but in the small seaside town of Positano along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. My travels to this magnificent place often command me to recall the vivid impressions of the reality and unique beauty that lie there - the vibrant colors, the enchanting scents, and the unforgettable shapes and sounds...

The pink sapphires set within the yellow gold backdrop evoke memories of the fuchsia bougainvillea flowers that bloom so delicately out of ancient stone mountains, a perfect clash of feminine and masculine, only to be met by this deep-hued 16 carat aquamarine stone which represents the heavenly clear blue sky in this gem of a town! Like the place from which my inspiration was drawn, the harmony of the color tones on this ring are sure to take any woman who adorns this piece to another time and place surrounded by nothing but beauty."

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