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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Burmese Rubies Make Hearts Strong

Vanna K is a huge lover of rubies. The gemstone has a long and storied history. In ancient times, they were most commonly associated with wealth and royalty. However, they were also considered by many to have special powers, due to the way light would glow from within - many believing they were holding spiritual properties. They were often searched out to be worn for their believed healing and protective properties. Also known as a "stone of soldiers", many believed the stone would protect them in battle, keeping them invulnerable from wounds by spears, swords or guns. Burmese soldiers would actually insert the rubies into their flesh so that they would become one with their bodies, an ultimate protector of body, souls and hearts.

Today we simply know these beautiful stones for their alluring good looks. Rubies (from the Latin word "ruber", meaning "red") stand out as gemstones with their rich, red colors. Red in itself is known as the most passionate color, representing strong emotions such as anger, and most notably love. Today's most famous rubies are found in marble, a metamorphic rock. These rubies have a rich red color and usually glow a bright red underneath sunlight. This glow make the red color appear even stronger. Darker rubies are found within igneous rocks.

As mentioned, rubies have long been an important part of Burmese culture. Since 600 AD, they have been mined from this gorgeous countryside. A famous mining area located in the country of Myanmar, called Mogok, produces some of the most tantalizing rubies in the world. Chromium in the crystal of these stones sometimes cause them to glow, adhering to those historical stories of special powers within.

The Vanna K ring shown here features one of those special rubies. This 4 carat natural Burmese Ruby is poetically crafted into a special heart shape. Accented with .25 carat in diamonds, this ring is stunningly beautiful. If you know someone who loves love, someone who wants to feel both passion and protection, all while looking uniquely amazing, this ring is for them. More than fashion, it will represent to them that they have your heart and even more importantly - that you are protecting theirs.

Find this and uniquely beautiful jewelry today at Vanna K.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vanna K Dealer Birmingham Jewelry Serves up Free Rings!

Vanna K is proud to partner with so many wonderful jewelers across the world. However, one of our authorized dealers are shining particularly bright right now - thrust in the spotlight for doing an amazing thing for their community.

Recently, the world's most notorious coffee company, Starbucks, put a new ban on their baristas, restricting them from wearing their engagement rings, wedding rings or jewelry with gemstones of any kind. They are calling it part of their new dress code, citing food safety concerns. While it has sparked national outrage, one jeweler who is also a big fan of the coffee chain, found a way she could help lessen the sting of the new ban for her local baristas.

Marina Pilibosian, owner of Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights Michigan, has come up with a generous, selfless solution for her local baristas affected by the new dress code. Any barista that is in the Southeastern Michigan area may stop by Birmingham Jewelry and receive a FREE tungsten wedding band. This will give them a chance to wear a beautiful band that shows they are married, but still complies with the new dress code.

"Why go naked?" she said. "Some ladies, they feel naked [when they can't wear their rings.] You can wear a beautiful tungsten band," Pilibosian said. While there is sure to be more debate left on the Starbucks ban, it's nice to see someone who not only participates in the conversations, but finds a way that they can personally help those involved in the current situation, as it is. With nothing to gain from the free gifts, Marina has shown she knows the value behind weddings bands is more than the tangible price of jewelry - it's the symbolism of love. While we all love beautiful gemstones, this is really all about the love behind them. And we are so very proud of Marina and Birmingham Jewelry for spreading that love! See the full news story here.

Birmingham Jewelry is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Family owned and operated since its beginning in 1975, Birmingham Jewelry's mission is to provide each of their customers with a magical experience by exceeding expectations with unique fine jewelry and exceptional service. We at Vanna K can assure you this latest splash with the press is just a sample of the amazing character you can expect when working with Birmingham Jewelry. If you are in the Southeastern Michigan area, be sure to visit them. Starbucks drinks welcome. Just remember Marina's chai tea latte.

Birmingham Jewelry:
34756 Dequindre Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sapphire: September's Beautiful Birthstone

If you're born in September, you're one of the lucky ones who have the amazing Sapphire as your birthstone. Crisp and cool, it's a beautiful way to ring in the autumn months. There's a lot of history behind this fascinating gemstone and many facets to look for when shopping for the right one.

This incredible Vanna K sapphire ring featured here has a rare oval Ceylon Sapphire, weighing in at 9.91 carats. The radiant gem sits at the center of this 18K white gold ring, adorned with 4.20 carats of oval-shaped diamonds. 

Below is information and buying tips for our lovely gem of the month. 


Sapphires are a long sought-after gemstone. They are mined in a variety of locations across the world, including the countries of Australia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and even right here in the USA. 

In early Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm. Thus, Sapphires have long been associated with royalty and romance. This link became stronger in 1981, when Britain's Prince Charles gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer. The link was then re-ignited in 2011 when their son Prince William gave the same ring to his now-wife, Dutchess Kate Middleton. 


Sapphires are a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum. Trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper or magnesium are what gives corundum a blue, yellow, purple, orange or green color. Obviously, the primary color associated with sapphires is the brilliant blue. 

Blue sapphires are evaluated based upon the purity of their primary hue. Purple, violet and green are the most common secondary hues found in blue sapphires. Violet and purple are known to contribute to the overall beauty of the color, while green is widely considered to be distinctly negative.  The color of the blue sapphires may be described as a vivid medium dark violet to a purplish blue. The color should not be overly dark, lest it negatively affect the gem's brightness.

Other colors: Yellow and green sapphires are common. Pink sapphires are more rare. The pink deepens in color as the quantity of chromium increases. The deeper the pink, the higher the monetary value, as long as the color is tending towards that of red rubies. A minimum saturation must be met for it to be called a ruby. Otherwise, you have a beautiful pink sapphire. Sapphires also occur in shades of orange and brown. While this may seem unappealing for those who associate blue with the gemstone, the very rare natural padparadscha (pinkish orange) sapphires often draw higher prices than most of their blue counterparts. 

A sapphire's cut is extremely important. It can make a huge difference in the beauty and brilliance. Your sapphire should reflect light back across the entire gem in a bright and lively way. To achieve the best overall color, maintain the best proportions, and retain the most weight possible, cutters focus on factors like color zoning, pleochroism, and the lightness or darkness of the gym.

Find the beautiful ring featured here and other amazing sapphire creations today at Vanna K.

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