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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vanna K: The name behind the jewelry

Vanna K is quickly becoming the name associated with today's beautifully-crafted bridal and fashion jewelry. But who is the name behind this jewelry? The jewelry is crafted for today's modern woman with exquisite taste and so it's no surprise to find out that it is also created by such a woman.

Vanna K (Kitsinian) is an heir to a tradition of artistry and excellence in fine jewelry, a hallmark of Kitsinian Jewelers for over forty years. Although jewelry design has been the family business for three generations, Vanna's "papa" wanted a different life for Vanna. At first, she followed his dream for her and excelled as a multi-lingual scholastic star. But Vanna's passion to sketch and bring to life beautifully-sculptured pieces of art through exquisite jewelry prevailed and has become her destiny. And it's that passion that shows through each design, truly creating timeless beauty.

Many women have given testimony that they were not jewelry lovers until laying eyes on Vanna K's jewelry. Whether it be the fine diamond engagement rings, intricately-crafted wedding bands or the amazingly unique fashion jewelry, Vanna K has changed the way jewelry looks and even how it makes a woman feel. It is without a doubt the next generation of jewelry.

We are so glad Vanna followed in her Papa's footsteps and also paved out her own path in what is sure to be a legacy. Visit Vanna K today to see what makes her designs different. Fall in love with jewelry again or maybe even for the first time.

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