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Monday, February 21, 2011

Put a little color in your life with Vanna K jewelry!

We live in a world where amazing and powerful women now like to make a statement in their own unique, non-traditional way. That is a big part of the draw to Vanna K's jewelry. One of our most appealing aspects is the beautiful color options in jewelry such as this ring from our Gelato Collection.

This ring was an instant favorite when I first saw it. The colors are so complementary and the ring absolutely dazzles when it's wrapped around your finger. Colors have long been proven to be mood altering. The colors used with these gemstones are not only amazing but they are set in different colors of gold, to accent them perfectly. The Blue Topaz, set in white gold, is calming and soothing; the Orange Citrine, set in yellow gold, encourages activity and vitality; and the Pink Tourmaline, set in rose gold, stimulates energy and encourages action and confidence. All of these emotions are vital for a powerful woman. To top it all of, the 1.5 carats of colorful gemstones are surrounded by 1/2 carat of sparkling micro-paved diamonds.

Show an amazing woman in your life how proud you are of her and give her the gift of color today at Vanna K.

[Style # 18RO547D]

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