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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diamonds Sparkle with Micro Pave

Micro-pave diamond settings is a fairly new technique in bridal jewelry and is only offered by the most experienced jewelers. Vanna K is a leader in micro-pave diamonds and uses this technology to create the most beautiful, unique diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Micro-pave settings allow an experienced jeweler to use less metal in the setting, thereby accentuating the stones instead of the metal. With these intricate settings, the diamonds blend together to create a glamorous and sparkly look. Micro-pave technology also allows for designs to have smaller bands which adds delicacy to the design. Another advantage is that the diamonds in the micro-pave setting have an overall smoother surface. To illustrate, see how smooth and elegant the braided rows of diamonds are in this diamond engagement ring. This is only possible through the micro-pave setting.

Many celebrities and fashion icons are raving about micro-pave settings. This process takes a very skilled and reputable jeweler to create these artistic pieces of jewelry that will not only wow, but will be also be durable over time. View all of our wonderful, unique micro-pave diamond settings at Vanna K.

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